Frequently Asked Questions

Can I submit more than one entry? 

You can submit one entry per category, but you are welcome to submit entries in more than one category.  Each entry needs its own separate completed entry form for submission.

Can I work with another student or group of students? 

Yes, you may work with other students on your entry.  However, only one student may turn in an entry form and be recognized as the artist/entrant.  Many times students submitting film, dance choreography, and music composition entrants ask friends to act, sing, or dance, but the entrant is the director/writer/choreographer, so that student is the only one listed on the entry form.

Why isn't my school listed with a code for submissions?

If your school isn't listed, there are a few possible reasons.  Your school may not have a PTA; they might have another parent organization.  Only students who attend a school with an organization that pays PTA fees may participate.  Even if your school does have a PTA, not all schools participate in Reflections, due to low student participation in the past or other concerns.

Can I participate if I am a home-school student? 

Unfortunately, you are not eligible to participate this year, since this contest is sponsored by school PTAs.

When will the 20-21 state qualifying entries be returned? 

These entries were all submitted electronically and are currently housed at the Ohio PTA office.  They were not returned to us.

Can you explain how state qualifiers are decided? 

Each entry is judged using a rubric of three categories by a professional in teh field. (For more about judging, click here.) At the district level, we are allowed to advance a certain pre-determined number of entries to state competition, dependent upon the number of PTAs that participate in Reflections from our district. This year could go up or down depending on participation. 

Because of this, we do not advance every 1st, 2nd, and third place submission from every category.  This is because, in one category, we may have three submissions that all scored 90/100, but in dance maybe there is only one submission, so that dance submission would receive first place, even if they only scored 20/100.  

To be fair, Worthington usually decides on a minimum score that qualifies an entry to move on to state competition, regardless of the award placement at district level. For example, in a previous year that score was 65/100.   

Will I see my judges' comments and scores? 

This is at the discretion of the chairpersons at the school and district levels.  Our competition is about celebrating self-expression through art.  Therefore, only comments/scores that are seen as constructive are shared with entrants.


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