Ryan Smith VA.png

Strength From Within 

Ryan Smith, McCord Middle School

National Award of Merit, Visual Arts


2019-2020 Ohio PTA Awards

Worthington students win big!

CONGRATULATIONS to RYAN SMITH of McCord Middle School! He placed 3rd in the national competition for his piece entitled Strength From Within, receiving the Award of Merit in the Visual Arts Category! 

In total, 18 Worthington Schools students represented the district in state level competition for the 2019-2020 school year.  Out of those, 7 students received awards of recognition at the state level. 

Parker Van Nasdale, Bluffsview Elementary; Honorable Mention: Photography

Lucille Goins, Colonial Hills Elementary; Award of Merit: Literature

Maimouna Bah, Worthington Estates Elementary; Award of Excellence, Literature

Maxwell Day, Worthington Estates Elementary; Award of Merit, Literature

Grant Aldridge, Brookside Elementary School; Award of Merit, Film Production

Timothee Daeninck, Colonial Hills Elementary; Honorable Mention, Film Production

*These entries are currently housed at the Ohio PTA office.  Our goal is to retrieve them and return them by the end of this calendar year, either through school offices or personal deliveries.*